Located on Galicia’s northern coast, A Coruña offers a great mix of beach and city life. Here’s our guide to the beaches in A Coruña.

Virtually surrounded by the ocean

The city of A Coruña stretches out over a narrow stretch of land before it broadens to a wider peninsula. As a result, A Coruña feels like it’s virtually surrounded by the Atlantic ocean. Compared to Spain’s southern coast, the sea here tends to be wilder and colder. So, at times, the sea can feel foreboding as it crashes into the rocks. And at other times, it will feel positively inviting with its calm turquoise waters. For me, this ocean drama is part of A Coruña’s charm.

Beaches in A Coruña

A Coruña’s coast is also typical of Galicia. There are cliffs, craggy rocks and several sandy beaches too. This fantastically varied stretch of coast makes up the northern side of the peninsula. And just like the ocean and the coastline, the beaches also offer a bit of variety. The main beaches lie in Orzan bay, which is on the northern side of the narrow stretch of land between the mainland and the wider part of the peninsula. In addition to these, there are several beaches in tiny coves around the green headland that encompasses the top of the peninsula.

We’ve highlighted all the beaches in the map below. For more information on each of them, keep scrolling down.

Riazor, Orzan and Matadero

Along Orzan bay, there is nearly 2 kilometres of beach comprising Riazor, Orzan and Matadero. Rocks and a small pier separate the three. But at low-tide, you could walk along the sand from one end to the other. Playas Riazor and Orzan are the biggest and most popular beaches in the city. They’re also a hotspot for surfers and you can find a fountain featuring two surfers in between Playas Matadero and Orzan.

The picture at the top is the view of Orzan bay from Matadero beach. Here’s a few more pictures of the bay…

Matadero | Beaches in A Coruña | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Matadero beach

Riazor beach, A Coruña | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Orzan bay from Riazor beach

Surfer | Beaches in A Coruña | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

One of two surfers on the fountain between Matadero and Orzan beaches

Beaches in tiny coves

The main sights on the green headland that lies on the top of the peninsula are the Torre de Hercules (the only working Roman lighthouse in the world!) and a sculpture park. In addition to these, there are also several tiny coves with a lovely sandy beach. The whole space is fantastic and definitely worth exploring. This area is also one of the best spots for enjoying the sunset.

As for the beaches here, they’re good ones to aim for if you’re looking for a quieter beach. These beaches are much smaller and also more sheltered than the beaches above. Because of this, they’re more likely to enjoy calmer waters.

Playa de San Amaro

Playa de San Amaro | A Coruña Beaches | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Playa de San Amaro, A Coruña

San Amaro is on the eastern side of the headland, along Club del Mar. It’s about 150 metres long. In the distance, you can see a bit of the port (well, the maritime control tower to be specific).

Playa de las Lapas

Playa de las Lapas | Beaches in A Coruña | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Playa de las Lapas and Torre de Hercules above it

On the western side of the headland, closer to Torre de Hercules, is Playa de las Lapas. It’s smaller than San Amaro at around 100kms long.

Playa de los Mouros and Playa de Adormideras

Playa de Adormideras | Beaches in A Coruña | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Playa de Adormideras

Both Playa de Adormideras and Playa de los Mouros are tiny at less than 50 kms long. But both also make you feel like you’re far away from the city. Really though, you’re only a short walk from it! These two are located close to each other, about 5 minutes walk north of Playa de San Amaro.