Where can you find the best ice cream and frozen yogurt in Girona? In this post, we pick out our top picks.

For me, one of the things that makes me feel like I’ve truly wound down into holiday mode is enjoying an ice cream whilst I wander. Thankfully, in Girona, there are lots of places selling ice cream. There are also quite a few places specialising in frozen yogurt too. Here’s our top picks for the best ice cream and frozen yogurt in Girona…

For the best ice cream in Girona, head to Rocambolesc

As ice cream shops go, Rocambolesc is pretty unique. Indeed, it might just be the only ice cream shop with a three Michelin starred chef at the helm!

The man behind it is Jordi Roca, the renowned pastry chef at El Celler de Can Roca, which he founded with his two brothers. With three Michelin stars and a two-time winner of the World’s Best Restaurant, El Celler de Can Roca is a destination restaurant that has helped to raise the city’s profile. And reservations get snapped up 11 months in advance! Thankfully, Rocambolesc requires no reservations. However, you might have to queue during the summer months.

Best ice cream and frozen yogurt in Girona | DriveSpain

Inside Rocambolesc

This is no ordinary ice cream shop

Roca’s creation is no ordinary ice cream shop. Stepping in it feels like you’ve stepped into Willy Wonka’s fantastical chocolate factory in the book by Roald Dahl. Inside, the shop is decorated in bold colours and candy cane stripes and swirls. Even before you’ve had a look at the ice cream flavours or toppings, it’s hard not to feel a little giddy. As for the ice cream, it’s delicious!

When I visited, they had six flavours including traditional favourites like chocolate and vanilla. Less traditional flavours included carrot sorbet and sheep’s milk frozen yogurt. And all of them are made from 100% natural ingredients. There’s also a plethora of curious toppings to go with it from candy floss to baked apple puree.

Here’s my carrot and mandarin sorbet with golden berries (physallis) and shredded coconut.

Best ice cream and frozen yogurt in Girona | DriveSpain

Fresh, zingy, sweet and really just scrumptious!

They make hot ice cream too…

As well as selling ice cream, you can pick up Roca candies and ice lollies shaped like noses, fingers and Darth Vader. And for something extra special, you can try Rocambolesc’s hot ice cream sandwich. If you’ve had deep fried ice cream before, you’ll already know hot and cold work really well when it comes to ice cream. Having made their own hot ice cream sandwich maker (they called it the oxymoron maker), you can have a scoop of deliciously cold ice cream plus your choice of toppings all in a toasted brioche!

Here’s a look at how they make a hot ice cream sandwich…

You might not be able to get a reservation to eat at Roca’s three-Michelin starred restaurant but you will be able to just turn up and enjoy an ice cream created by him.

Finding Rocambolesc

All the ice creams and other sweet treats are actually made at El Celler de Can Roca and then transported to Rocambolesc by bike. So Rocambolesc is on Carrer de Santa Clara. It’s close to Peixateries Velles Bridge (also known as the Eiffel Bridge) on the west side of the Onyer River. In addition to the Girona shop, there is a Rocambolesc in Barcelona, Madrid and Alicante. To find out more, visit: rocambolesc.com

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 3.00pm to 9.00pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11.00am to 9.00pm. No reservation necessary!

Amazing frozen yogurt made with sheep’s milk

Frozen yogurt is generally seen as a healthier option to ice cream with less calories and less saturated fat. But it’s also just delicious. Frozen yogurt has a tang that ice cream doesn’t. And I love them both!

I think I first came across frozen yogurt in North America where it was nicknamed fro-yo. Like cupcakes and peanut butter, frozen yogurt seems to be an American trend that’s travelled well. However, coming to Girona, trying the frozen yogurt feels like a new revelation. This is because frozen yogurt made from sheep’s milks seems to be the norm with makers highlighting the creamier milk of the sheep in Catalonia.

One such place is La Recuiteria…

La Recuiteria

Best ice cream and frozen yogurt in Girona | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

La Recuiteria in Girona

Specialising in frozen yogurt, La Recuiteria put sheep at the forefront. All their yogurt is made from their own herd of sheep so they really can guarantee that it’s completely organic and all made from very local ingredients. They have some info for people curious about sheep milk on their website.

La Recuiteria take their name from recuit, which is a fresh cheese made in Catalonia. Alongside mató, another Catalan fresh cheese, recuit is often served with honey, nuts and fruit as a dessert. You can find out more about it in: Catalan fresh cheese and honey for dessert.

In their shop, as well as frozen yogurt (with an array of toppings), they also sell smoothies, Catalan cream, natural yogurt and ice cream.

Finding La Recuiteria

In Girona, La Recuiteria is located on Rambla de la Llibertat. They also branches in Figueres, Banyoles, Olot and Barcelona. To find out more, visit: larecuiteria.cat.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10.00am to 9.00pm.

Our top choices for ice cream and frozen yoghurt in Girona

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Getting to Girona

Girona Airport, located about 10 kms south of the city, is the main gateway. Barcelona Airport is also around 100 kms southeast of Girona.

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