Bilbao Airport is the main gateway to the Basque Country in Spain’s north. The region is also served by San Sebastian Airport, which is very close to the border with France. However, the vast majority of international flights into the Basque Country come into Bilbao Airport. And if you’re planning a trip to the popular beach resort of San Sebastian, Bilbao is likely to be more convenient with a wider range of flights.

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Located just a short drive from the Airport, Bilbao is a fantastic city to visit and enjoy a taste of the Basque Country. It is, of course, also home to the incredible Guggenheim Museum. Despite opening in 1997, it still looks like it’s come from the future.

Beyond the museum, Bilbao’s old town is also worth a meander. It’s best enjoyed combined with a visit to the many bars serving pintxos. A pintxo is a Basque specialty. It’s similar to tapas in that pintxos are small, snack-like dishes. Most pintxos are usually served on a bit of crusty bread and many of the pintxo bars serve an assortment of them on platters on their bar. And customers can take their pick of them. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy Basque food as you can try so many varieties. Close to the Rioja region, there are plenty of good wines from there available in Bilbao too. And if you prefer white wine, a local specialty is a slightly sparkling white wine called txakoli.

In addition to San Sebastian, other nearby great beach spots on the coast include Lekeitio and Itzurun. And if you are rather partial to the vino tinto, it’s worth heading inland with a car hire to explore the Rioja region.

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