A Coruña Airport is on Spain’s north-west coast. It’s one of several airports in Galicia along with Santiago de Compostela Airport and Vigo Airport.

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A Coruña, which is also known as La Coruña, is a short drive north of the airport. It’s a great city and a good place to stay and explore more of northern Galicia from. Half of A Coruña lies on a peninsula with a beautiful park at the top of it. There, you’ll find Torre de Hercules, an important symbol and monument for the city. It’s also the only working Roman lighthouse in the world! In addition to the lighthouse, there are a number of interesting sculptures in the park such as Manolo Paz’s Menhirs. There are a few small beaches around the park too.

You’ll find more beaches to the south of the park. They include the big beaches of Riazor and Orzan. A good way to take in the city is walking or biking along Paseo Maritimo, which takes in the marina, park and beaches.

With an A Coruña Airport car hire, there are many other great spots to explore along the Galician coast. Much of it consists of rugged cliffs but there are also some nice beach spots including Serantes, Combouzas and Barrañan. The spectacular Cathedrals beach is also worth the hour and a half drive from A Coruña. And, inland, Santiago de Compostela is about an hour’s drive away.

For foodies, seafood is king here. And one of the region’s most famous dishes is ‘Pulpo Gallego’, which is octopus served with sea salt and smoked paprika. Percebes are also worth a try… They’re a local goose barnacle, cooked simply and quickly in seawater. They taste delicious and look like they’re from out of this world!

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