Yes, we know Gibraltar Airport isn’t in Spain. But as you can literally walk to Spain from the airport in about 10 minutes and because many people fly to Gibraltar to reach Spanish destinations on the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz, we’ve included it here. Spanish airports nearby include Malaga Airport and Jerez Airport.

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Gibraltar is a small Overseas British Territory, which juts out from the Spanish peninsula. Gibraltar itself encompasses less than seven square kilometres and there’s a really big rock in the middle of it. But as rocks, go, it’s a pretty spectacular sight. The Rock of Gibraltar is also a nature reserve and is home to Gibraltar’s famous Barbary macaques. Along with the incredible panoramic views you can enjoy from the top of the Rock, the macaques are a big highlight of the territory. The Rock also has an interesting history as an important military site. Around the Rock, there are some great dining and drinking spots – particularly around the marina and Casemates Square. Gibraltar even has a few small beaches you can enjoy too including Catalan Bay and Eastern Beach.

Across the border, there are plenty more beaches to enjoy in Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz. To the west of Gibraltar, Algeciras is only 20kms away and Tarifa, a popular surf spot, is a further 20kms away. And to the east of Gibraltar, you’ll find the coast pretty much lined with beaches all the way to Estepona in the Costa del Sol and beyond.

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