Every May, Girona is decorated with flowers, thousands and thousands of flowers. It’s all for a flower festival called Temps de Flors. And it’s blooming marvellous

Temps de Flors, Girona

For a few days every May in Girona, the city celebrates the flower season with Temps de Flors. Not only is it an homage to the season but also to the city as squares, bridges, cobbled streets and even stairs are decorated with floral tributes.

What makes the festival exciting to experience every year (even for locals) are the creative displays. It makes exploring the city feel like you’ve entered a fairytale. For a fabulous look into the festival, the organisers have created the short video below showcasing 2017’s Temps de Flors…

The festival originated in 1954 and has taken place pretty much every year ever since.

Experience the festival for yourself!

In 2018, Temps de Flors takes place between 12 May and 20 May. There are over 100 floral displays around the city with the most impressive displays located around the Jewish Quarter and Onyer River. There are also displays within courtyards of buildings. And because some of these spaces aren’t normally open to the public, Temps de Flors is a great time to explore parts of Girona you wouldn’t normally get to see. It’s also worth staying the night (or a few) as some of the displays are lit up in the evenings. Plus, the city will be less crowded with day trippers having left already…

Girona Tourism have maps with all the sites with displays. You can pick one up at the tourist office in the city. Do also check the official website (gironatempsdeflors.cat) for more information.

Pictures from Temps de Flors

Temps de Flor in Girona | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

White silhouettes of people and flowers | Image © Sin Amigos/Flickr

Temps de Flor in Girona | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Marigolds and big balls | Image © Zopilote0/Flickr

Temps de Flor in Girona | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Jeans as flower pots | Image © yves P/Flickr

Temps de Flor in Girona | Travel Blog | DriveSpain

Flowers and lanterns | Image © Sin Amigos/Flickr

Girona’s A Capella Festival is on too!

If unbridled flower power isn’t enough to entice you to Girona for Temps de Flors, the city’s annual A Capella festival is also on at the same time. The festival celebrates choral music with free events taking place on most days in Plaça de la Independencia, which is located west of Onyer River. In addition to these, there are ticketed events held at the Ter Civic Centre and Girona Auditorium. To find out more about the festival and to book tickets, visit: gironacappella.cat.

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