Jerez Airport is one of several airports serving Andalucia in Spain’s south. Located in the west of the region, other nearby airports include Seville Airport and Gibraltar Airport. The airport is just 10kms from Jerez de la Frontera (Jerez for short) and 40kms from Cadiz on the coast.

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Jerez (pronounced He-reth) is one of the key stops in the Sherry Triangle, a region in southwest Spain famous for producing sherry, a fortified wine. If you’re a fan of the tipple, Jerez is definitely one of the best places to visit to learn more about the production of sherry. And the city’s many bodegas (wine cellars) are a good place to enjoy different types of sherry if you’re not looking for a tour. But with a car hire, you could easily do a tour of the sherry towns. If you’re looking for a spot of beach life, the coast is also just 20kms away.

Jerez is a beautiful city to explore. As with Seville and Granada, Jerez is a great place to see an authentic Andalucia. Perhaps, it helps that it’s not on the coast and hasn’t been diluted by the introduction of lots of resorts. There, as well as sherry, you’ll find great spots to enjoy tapas and flamenco. Jerez is also the capital of Andalucia’s horse culture. Indeed, the city hosts an annual horse fair every May. In addition to the things you might expect at a typical Spanish fair, the horse fair features parades of people in traditional clothing, decorated carriages and thoroughbred horses who dance to the beat of flamenco music!

The fortress and mosque is another highlight of the city. And if you have a sweet tooth, a must try whilst you’re in Jerez is Tocino de Cielo. It translates as ‘bacon from heaven’ but is perhaps better described as a heavenly flan. Tocino de Cielo is similar to creme caramel and is just as delicious.

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