Returning a car hire to Granada Airport in Spain? Read our guide to doing just that! We also have a guide to collecting a Granada Airport car hire. Find it along with all our Spain car hire and travel stories in our blog.

Which car hire companies are at Granada Airport

There are just a few companies with an actual on-airport desk inside the terminal. They are: Avis, Budget and OK Rent-a-Car. If you have a rental with one of these companies, you can return it to the airport’s official car park in front of the terminal building.

In addition to these, several other companies have an office a few minutes drive from the airport. They include: Enterprise, Alamo, Europcar, Goldcar and Rhodium. And each provides a free shuttle service to take passengers from their office to the airport. Just make sure you allow a little extra time to return your car hire if you’ve got a flight to catch afterwards. Luckily, the airport terminal is fairly compact so it’s easy to get around once you’ve reached it.

Driving to Granada Airport

Granada Airport serves both the cities of Granada and Jaén as well as the surrounding region. But it’s located more closely to Granada and is just 18kms west of its city centre. From Jaén, the airport is 90kms south.

More specifically, the airport is located on the A-4075, which is a road just off the A-92 between exits 229 and 231B. And wherever you’re driving from, it’s likely you’ll end up on this motorway to reach the airport. The airport is well sign-posted. As you approach those exits, you’ll see signs for ‘aeropuerto‘, which you should follow.

From the A-92

On the A-92, take exit 229 if you’re driving eastbound to the airport or exit 231B if you’re driving westbound to the airport.

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

If you’re driving eastbound on the A-92, take exit 229

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

But if you’re driving westbound on the A-92 to the airport, take exit 231B

Both exits will lead you onto the A-4075. From here, the airport is just 3kms away.

Driving from Granada or from the coast on the A-44

From Granada, drive northwest along Avenida de Andalucia to leave the city. This road continues onto the N-432. The airport is sign-posted from Avenida de Andalucia.

If you’re driving from the coast along the A-44, take exit 125 (just past Granada) for the airport. This will take you onto the N-432.

From N-432: Keep following signs to ‘aeropuerto’. You’ll be led onto the A-92G. The A-92G basically meets the A-92 and A-4075 for the airport.

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

On the A-44, take exit 125 for the airport

Final approach and nearest petrol station

Once on the A-4075, as you near the airport, you’ll come up to a small roundabout at Chimeneas. Drive straight ahead for the airport. There’s also a petrol station here (on your left) but you’ll come across another one a little further up before the airport.

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

A-4075 to the airport – at the roundabout, continue straight ahead

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

Second petrol station on the A-4075. It’s less than a kilometre from the airport.

Off-airport car hire: Enterprise, Alamo, Europcar, Goldcar and Rhodium

Also by the second petrol station is a car park (not official airport parking) and the offices for the above off-airport car hire companies.

On-airport car hire drop off at Granada Airport

But if you have a rental with one of the on-airport suppliers keep on driving towards the airport. There are signs telling you which lane you should be in for ‘Rent a Car‘. The entrance to ‘Rent a Car’ parking is past the main parking entrance. It’s also closer to where the end of the Terminal is.

As you can see from the pictures below, initially, you should be in the right lane for the Terminal and ‘Rent a Car’. But after passing the entrances to the car park, you should move into the left lane. This will take you directly to the ‘Rent a Car’ parking entrance.

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

Initially, you should be in the right lane for ‘Rent a Car’ as the sign above highlights

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

You’ll then need to move into the left lane for ‘Rent a Car parking. The Terminal building is on the right.

Returning a car hire to Granada Airport | Travel Blog |

‘Rent a Car’ parking entrance

Returning the keys

Once you’ve parked the car and checked you’ve got everything, just head across the road to the terminal building to drop off the keys. If there is nobody at the car hire desk, they each have a drop box through a door by their desk.

Top tip before you drop off the keys: if there isn’t a member of staff able to sign-off the car whilst you’re there, take photos of the car as you left it so you have proof of the condition you left it in. This could save you problems later on should the car hire company find damage that you don’t recall.

That’s it from us on returning a car hire to Granada Airport. Until next time!