When you’re fed up of waiting for summer, Spain’s southern coast is a good bet for consistent warmth and sunshine. This is, perhaps, nowhere more true than Seville whose long summers are hot, hot, hot! Seville (or Sevilla as it’s known in Spain) is the beautiful and lively capital of Andalucia in southern Spain. It’s also the cultural centre of the region. Beyond the city, beaches on Spain’s Costa de la Luz are just an hour’s drive away. And the best way to get around and explore the area is with a car hire. Here, we guide you through the process of returning a car hire to Seville Airport. Our blog also features a guide to collecting a Seville Airport car hire.

On-site car hire at Seville Airport

Car hires booked with one of the following companies can be returned directly to Seville Airport: EuropcarAvisBudgetEnterprise (who also serve Alamo rental customers), Hertz (also Thrifty) and Sixt. They all have a desk in the arrivals hall of the airport as well as car parking in the main airport car park, opposite the terminal building. In addition to these, Firefly have a cabin based in the car park so if you have a Firefly car rental, you can follow the instructions for the official on-site car hires too.

Remember to check with your booking agent or car rental booking voucher for directions on rent-a-car drop off for all other suppliers. They might not be based on-site at the airport but will likely drop you off there via their shuttle bus. As a result, you should leave a little earlier to allow for this.

Driving to Seville Airport

Seville Airport is located 7kms north east of Seville’s city centre just off the A-4 highway. If you’re driving east on the A-4 to the airport, the airport is at exit 533. And if you’re driving west to the airport, you need exit 532. There are plenty of signs for ‘aeropuerto’ so you know you’re on the right route. If you’re coming from further away, follow signs to Seville and if you don’t see signs for ‘aeropuerto’ once you’re close to Seville, just drive onto the A-4 highway going to Cordoba from Seville and you shouldn’t miss it.

A4 motorway | Returning a car hire to Seville Airport

Follow signs to ‘aeropuerto’ on the A-4

Nearest petrol station to Seville Airport

If you’re looking to return your Spain car hire with a full tank, there is a petrol station about 2.5kms east of the airport on the A-4 highway. If you’re heading east towards the airport, you’ll find the turn-off for the petrol station after exit 536. There is a sign with a petrol station symbol shortly before the exit on your right.

If you’re driving west towards the airport, this is also the most convenient petrol station to use. You should continue along the A-4, past the airport exit and instead take exit 535. Follow signs for Sevilla Este. There is a petrol station that you’ll see come up on your right. You could use this or continue on to use the one mentioned above. You will end up passing it to go back to the airport anyway! So after passing this first petrol station, there is a roundabout ahead, which will allow you to go back onto the A-4 motorway for the airport.

Finding the rent-a-car drop off

As you approach the airport, follow signs to ‘Llegadas’ (arrivals) and ‘rent-a-car’ drop off.

Returning a car hire to Seville Airport | DriveSpain.com

As you approach the airport, stay in the lane for Llegadas and rent-a-car

You’ll soon see signs overhead to the P1 and rent-a-car car park so you know which lane you need to be in.

Returning a car hire to Seville Airport | DriveSpain.com

Stay in the lane for ‘rent-a-car’

On-site car rentals are next to the P1 car park. However, they have different entrances so make sure you stay in the right lane for ‘rent a car’.

The entrance to the P1 car park and rent-a-car drop off area is on your left before you reach the actual terminal building. There are five barriers at the entrance to the car park. But as you can see in the picture below, it’s clear which one you need. At the barrier, you’ll get a ticket, which you can leave with the parking attendant or at the relevant rental desk.

Car park entrance | Returning a car hire to Seville Airport | DriveSpain.com

Car park entrance

After driving past the barrier, you’ll be led to another car park. There are signs overhead pointing you in the direction of the correct zone depending on your supplier.

Car parking bays are well marked with the car hire logo. Firefly and Thrifty customers should look for the Hertz parking area and Alamo car rentals should look for the Enterprise parking area.

Returning a car hire to Seville Airport | DriveSpain.com

Rent-a-car parking at Seville Airport

Once you’ve parked the car, if there’s not a relevant member of staff already at the car park (Sixt also have a cabin in the car park like Firefly/Hertz do), you’ll find car hire desks in the arrivals hall. The car park for rentals is located close to the arrivals entrance.

All good to go? If you’ve got a flight to catch, you’ll find departures up one level. There are stairs and lifts to take you between the floors.

Departures | Returning a car hire Seville Airport | DriveSpain.com

Departures level at Seville Airport