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Originally a Spanish company, Goldcar is quite possibly the biggest low-cost car rental supplier in Europe. After launching in 1985, the company has seen a steady expansion across Spain. It now also has locations at popular holiday spots in countries including Portugal, Italy and Turkey.

Recently, the company was acquired by Europcar.

Like many other car hire companies, Goldcar sell additional insurance via their Super Relax Cover, which reduces the excess. In Spain, Goldcar accept payment by debit card on two conditions. To do this, you must either purchase Super Relax Cover or be happy for the full excess to be charged rather than blocked. If it’s the latter, this will be refunded when the rental is returned and is undamaged.

Not sure whether you need to get additional insurance? See our guide to car hire insurance to get up to speed with all your options.

Locations in Spain’s popular holiday spots

It may not be as well known as other brands of car hire in some parts of the world. But in Spain, it’s one of the biggest names – particularly in terms of low-cost car rental. You’ll often find they have a desk either on-site or very close to Spain’s major airports.

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