Valencia Airport is one of several airports serving the Valencian community in Spain’s eastern coast. Located just a short drive from Valencia, the region’s capital, the airport operates a wide range of international and domestic routes. Although Alicante Airport is the main gateway to the ever popular Costa Blanca, Valencia is a good alternative. It’s not quite as busy as Alicante and is convenient for beaches in the north of the Costa Blanca. Both airports have easy access to the Mediterranean motorway so the various beach resorts along this stretch of coast are easy to get to with a car hire.

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Whilst the coast throughout the region is best known for its incredible beaches, Valencia is a great choice for a city break. It even has a couple of beaches! The third largest city in Spain, Valencia is eclectic, lively and boasts a great dining and drinking scene. The city’s most noteworthy site is the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences. Built over a decade ago, the collection of buildings still look impressive. However, when you see them, you can’t help but feel like you’ve landed in the future.

You can get an insight into the city’s past by heading into the old town. There, you’ll find many of the city’s historic sites. For a good overview of the city, head up the cathedral’s bell tower. Another architectural gem is the Mercado Central (Central Market). It’s definitely worth a visit for the food if not for the architecture. The market is a good place to try ‘Horchata’, a refreshing drink made with Tiger Nuts. Horchata is best drunk with a sweet bun called a ‘Farton’. Thankfully, it tastes better than it sounds! Valencia is also the home of paella so if you’re looking for something heartier, you know what to go for.

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